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How To Create Your First Marketing Video With Animoto

02:44 78.4K views

Log in to Animoto and choose one of our storyboard templates or start from scratch with one of our stunning video styles. Then upload your photos to create a ...

How To Make A Marketing Video In Less Than 15 Minutes In Animoto

13:01 6K views

Discover how easy video marketing is with step-by-step instructions showing you how to create your own marketing video in Animoto. In this video you'll learn ...

How to make an Animoto slideshow

18:54 2.5K views

Making a Senior Portrait Slideshow with Animoto. Today I am making a senior portrait in Animoto and showing you how to work with Animoto. I am using a song ...

🎬 Animoto Tutorial: How To Use Animoto 2019 Edition 🎬

07:07 9.2K views

Animoto Tutorial. Learn how to make really cool Animoto videos using your iPhone or using the Animoto desktop platform for free! Animoto takes static pictures ...

How to use Animoto

08:06 33.2K views

This video provides a basic introduction about how to create videos using Animoto.